Golden Retrievers
OakLines - Breeding Guidelines

1.       Pedigree, ownership contact information, genetic clearances, and brucellosis reports will be provided to the stud dog’s owner before the time of the breeding.
·         5 Generation Pedigree
·         Current addresses and contact information for all owners(s) / co-owner(s) of the bitch
Copy of current AKC Registration – indicating current ownership and current address of registered owner(s)
·         Genetic Clearances
      ·         CERF – Eyes
      ·         OFA – Hips
      ·         Heart
·         Brucellosis Clearance report

2.       The Stud Fee:
Option 1:  $1000 (non refundable)
a.       $500 is payable at the time of Breeding
b.       $500 is payable at Whelping, due no later that 2 weeks after birth of litter. 

Option 2:  ____ pick puppy from the litter produced by this breeding
Puppy taken as payment for the Stud Fee will carry only the OakLines kennel name.

3.       The breeder/owner(s) of the bitch are responsible for ALL related expenses.
a.       All Fees related to frozen or fresh chilled semen and/or artificial insemination
b.       Any medical and/or boarding fees
c.       All transportation, mileage, shipping fees

4.       If fewer than 2 puppies are born, one return service will be available within one year of the initial stud service to the same bitch or another bitch with the same ownership as the original bitch.

5.       Multi-sire breeding is discouraged.  If the owner(s) of the bitch desire a multi-sire breeding, they must obtain written permission from the stud dog owner(s) prior to breeding.  The stud dog owner(s) will withhold signature from AKC litter registrations for failure to obtain prior written permission for multi-sire litters.  An additional $100 multi-sire fee will be assed for each puppy born in the litter, regardless of sire, payable at Whelping.

6.       The stud dog owner(s) will sign AKC litter registrations application upon receipt of application and payment after the whelping.

7.       The owner(s) of the bitch agrees that NONE of the puppies produced from this stud service shall be sold through a pet shop, an agent, or outside of the USA or Canada, without prior specific written approval from the stud dog owner(s).

8.       The owner(s) of the bitch agrees that NONE of the puppies produced from this stud service shall be sold to, or used in, breeding programs whose intent is to produce mixed breed dogs.  Including, but not limited to Golden Doodles, Golden Cocker, Golden Labs, etc.

9.       The owners(s) of the bitch agree to use limited AKC registration, a spay/neuter contract, or a non- breeding contract for puppies transferred/sold as pets or to noncompetitive homes.

10.    Every effort will be made to provide safe care and confinement for the bitch during the visit, but in no way shall the stud dog owner(s) be responsible for her injury or loss.

11.   If the owner(s) of the bitch fail to fulfill the conditions of this contract, the owner(s) of the bitch agree to be responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees encumbered by the stud dog owner(s) to enforce or remedy this agreement.