CNC Router- Work Holding - Fixture Pallet

After 5 years of service – the Fixture Pallet that I use as my day to day work holding solution with my CNC Router was getting a bit tired. Let’s walk through the process of creating a new one - step by step. Once you see how it was made – I’m sure that you can create your own work holding solution – and embed whatever type of holding power you need into the deck of the pallet. Let your imagination run!

I’ve settled on something akin to the MFT holes - with in-line clamps and a fixed rear guide for my day to day work because of the flexibility. But - we’ve also created pallets for unique situations – that require fixturing in special ways. The great thing is the pallets can be easily exchanged on the machine – and the steel pins provide exact registration to known coordinates. So - put it on – and get to work!