Dog Fans - AirFlow Dually

AirFlow Dually by OakLines. USB powered Dog Fans designed for the Ruffland crate door.

Powered by any standard USB port – use your vehicle power outlet - a phone charger plugged into the wall - or go portable with a USB power bank.

High volume low pressure air exchange - simple and effective. Contiunous AirFlow - like a silent gentle breeze.

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Here are some Amazon affiliate links that might prove useful when installing in a vehicle:

This is a high capacity power source that can run MANY fans simultaneously all day long. What's unique is this one can both charge and discharge at the same time. That means the car can keep it topped off while driving – while the fans are running - and it will take over all together when the car is turned off. You’ll want to make sure to plug it into a switched outlet in the car – then everything is automatic - you won’t have to worry about draining your car battery. If you don’t have a switched charging outlet – simply unplug from the car when you turn the car off.
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160
POWERADD Portable Power Station

Charging Extension Cable:
This cable that allows you find a cool, secure, and safe place for the battery in the vehicle – and still be able to plug it into the car for charging.
EPAUTO 12V 12ft Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug Socket

USB Extension Cable:
This cable allows you to extend the distance between the power source (battery) and the fan – you’ll need one for each fan you want to extend.
USB Extension Cable

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Install Procedure - Ruff Tuff / Ruffland plastic door with center hole:

Install Procedure - wire kennel door: