DTCSV Obedience Trial - Saturday
Saturday, July 31, 2004
Utility B - Obedience
Judge: Rosalie Alvarez

UB-01 Saltydog's Xana UDT
AKC REG NO. WP67157201 11/2/1995
QUALIFY Breeder: Gabrielle Cohen & Martin Vroegryk
171.0 Sire: CH Topmast's Heir Apparent
Dam: Sweetbay's Saltydog CD TD
Owner: John S Pearson
Newfoundland (Bitch)
UB-02 Sunrise Diane Summer UD
AKC REG NO. DL73637804 3/17/1998
QUALIFY Breeder: Jennifer Julander & Diane Hemphill
186.0 Sire: Sunrise Diane Duo Delight UDX
Dam: CH Tartanside Raven Tapestry
Owner: Dean & Gail Tanaka
Collie (Bitch)
UB-03 CH Enchanted Oracle At Delphi UDX AX AXJ
AKC REG NO. DL73234602 2/16/1998
NQ Breeder: Mary Weir-Anderson & Barbara M Lynch
Sire: Lucas Blond Des Bastides
Dam: CH HC Je Suis Enchante'
Owner: Maureen Lambert and Gerald Lambert
Briard (Bitch)
UB-04 Shadowlend's Sweet Spirit UD
4th Place AKC REG NO. DL82614701 2/5/2000
QUALIFY Breeder: Carol S T & Frand K Davis
194.0 Sire: Sukee's HiTech of Shadowlend
Dam: Shadowlend's Midnite Keepsake UDX
Owner: Carol S T and Frank K. Davis
German Shepherd Dog (Bitch)
UB-05 OTCH DD's Do'N A Double Take UDX JH
1st Place AKC REG NO. SN63504201 4/10/1999
QUALIFY Breeder: Dee Dee & Billy Anderson
199.0 Sire: Ashford Midas Golden Touch CDX JH
Dam: Wahkiakum's Montana Sky CDX NAJ JH
Owner: Susan & Jerry Westover
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
UB-06 Baymist Storm of Approval CDX TD MX MXJ VCD2
2nd Place AKC REG NO. SN79261901 11/26/2000
QUALIFY Breeder: Mike & Susan Bates
197.5 Sire: Ashford Midas Golden Touch CDX JH
Dam: OTCH MACH DD's Cookin' Up A Storm UDX TDX JH VCD3
Owner: Michael A & Susan E Bates
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
UB-07 Cosmic Krugerrand UDX
AKC REG NO. PP53056009 9/17/1997
QUALIFY Breeder: Grace L Blair MD
193.5 Sire: Bibelot's Romance In Paris
Dam: Cosmic Hatshepsut
Owner: Miriam K. Hillier
Poodle - Standard (Bitch)
UB-09 Heatherace Five Roses CDX
AKC REG NO. WP64196802 5/28/1995
NQ Breeder: Susan Rea Weitz
Sire: CH Teraden's Came A Cavalier II
Dam: Heatherace Evil Ways
Owner: Irene Quesnoy
Doberman Pinscher (Bitch)
UB-10 FC AFC Smitty's Winchester Rival UD MH
3rd Place AKC REG NO. SN38001801 7/22/1996
QUALIFY Breeder: Roy Smith
195.5 Sire: FC/AFC Smitty's Black Jack JH
Dam: FC/AFC Smitty's Bandit Sandy
Owner: Terry Barnes
English Setter (Bitch)
UB-11 CH Meadowoods Will O The Wind CDX NA
AKC REG NO. SN53130003 4/4/1998
NQ Breeder: Sylvia Holderman
Sire: CH Meadowoods Lightening Bolt
Dam: CH Meadowoods Zippy Delivery CDX OA OAJ
Owner: June Laman & Sylvia Holderman
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Dog)
UB-12 Barksdale Expressly Yours VCD1 CDX HT
AKC REG NO. DL82456201 1/15/2000
QUALIFY Breeder: Nancy McDonald & Joyce Dowling
193.0 Sire: CH Barksdale Bellvues Medallion
Dam: CH Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
Owner: Alan A Cummings & Judith Cummings
Collie (Dog)
UB-14 CH Golden Road's Jack Straw UD PT
AKC REG NO. DL73434106 3/13/1998
Absent Breeder: Christine Johnson
Sire: CH Stormbran Supa Voyager
Dam: Greenforest's Dottie West
Owner: Lila Lippow & Christine Johnson
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) (Dog)
UB-15 Montagues Vintage Sun Runner, UD
AKC REG NO. NM85451403 2/3/2000
NQ Breeder: Becky A Luft & Karen Rochin
Sire: Vintage And Paisleys Valor, CD, NA
Dam: Montague's Sun Runner Rambler, CDX
Owner: Becky A Luft
Dalmatian (Dog)