DTCSV Obedience Trial - Saturday
Saturday, August 04, 2007
Wildcard Novice
Judge: Pat Alvarez

WCN01 CH Smithaven's Amber Brew AX OAJ NF RA OS
AKC REG NO. SN66922101 7/30/1999
Showed Breeder: June R Smith & Linda & Richard Lang
190.0 Sire: CH Brae Lea King Of The Road
Dam: CH Smithaven Mile Hi Mist O'Gold CDX MX MXJ OAP NJP
Owner: Linda & Richard Lang
Golden Retriever (Dog)
WCN02 CH Oaklines Let It Ride
AKC REG NO. SR16890703 5/1/2004
Showed Breeder: Pamela A. Strametz & Dale Root
157.5 Sire: CH Sunstorm's Most Happy Fella CD
Dam: Sunshine's Winter Watch CDX NA NAJ
Owner: Dale Root & Pamela Strametz
Golden Retriever (Dog)
WCN04 4Paws at Full Throttle OA OAJ NAF RE
ILP NO. 153542 8/1/2003
Showed Breeder: unknown
153.5 Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Owner: Chris Pentony
German Shepherd Dog (Dog)
WCN05 CH Regency Rumors Flying High JH RN
3rd Place AKC REG NO. SN74002904 4/25/2000
Showed Breeder: Vic & Laura Franchi & Jennifer Taggart
196.5 Sire: CH Rush Hill's Haagen Dazs JH CDX AX OAJ
Dam: CH Regency In Hot Pursuit
Owner: Jamie Warren, V & L Franchi and J. Taggart
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
WCN06 Aqueus PJ Floats My Boat
AKC REG NO. SR36354004 7/27/2006
Showed Breeder: Danika and Michael Brannasch
180.0 Sire: CH Cayuga's Lucky Charm CD JH AX AXJ
Dam: CH Quill's Kit and Caboodle CD JH AX AXJ
Owner: Linda Christensen
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Dog)
WCN07 Osprey's Dimpled Chad JH
AKC REG NO. SN81636601 1/13/2001
Absent Breeder: Jan Richards & Wendy Hunter
Sire: CH Rush Hill's Goodtime's Never End
Dam: CH Osprey's Secret Rendezvous
Owner: Lucy & Bill Bradford
Golden Retriever (Dog)
WCN08 Peregrine Fool of a Took RA
AKC REG NO. DN10426103 3/16/2005
Showed Breeder: Carol Pchelkin
187.5 Sire: Heza Hot DJ
Dam: CP Sweet Dreams Reba
Owner: Samantha & Timothy Williams
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Dog)
WCN09 SumerSong Chex 'N Balances
AKC REG NO. DN03823405 3/1/2003
Showed Breeder: Jan and Peggy Haderlie
152.0 Sire: SumerSong British Sterling
Dam: SumerSong Pandora's Box
Owner: Stephanie Cuillier
Shetland Sheepdog (Bitch)
WCN12 Smithaven's Ambermist Rose RA OA OAJ
2nd Place AKC REG NO. SR05162202 10/24/2002
Showed Breeder: June Smith & Dan & Linda Tidwell
198.0 Sire: Can Ch Dewmist Davenport
Dam: Smithaven Amber Waves O'Grain
Owner: Linda & Richard Lang & June Smith
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
WCN13 CH Regency Any Excuse To Shop RN SH
AKC REG NO. SR16429804 4/16/2004
Absent Breeder: V & L Franchi, J Warren, J Taggart
Sire: CH Legacy's Standing Ovation
Dam: CH Regency Rumors Flying High RA JH
Owner: J. Warren, V & L Franchi
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
WCN14 Ramroc Spirit Rising
1st Place AKC REG NO. SR13585105 11/18/2003
Showed Breeder: Laurie Weaver
200.0 Sire: Shoreland's Rock-N-Roll UD
Dam: Shorleand's Funny Girl CD AX AXJ
Owner: Vernon J. Miller
Golden Retriever (Dog)
WCN16 CH Tees Blue Skies Dos Cientos
4th Place AKC REG NO. PR03601701 5/23/2003
Showed Breeder: Patricia W. Moulthrop & Terill S. Udenberg & Peggy A McDill
194.5 Sire: CH Tees Blue Skies Express Lane
Dam: Blue Skies Espree Pardon Me
Owner: E. Lisette Gerald-Yamasaki
Poodle - Standard (Dog)