MBDTC Rally Trial - Sunday
Sunday, August 02, 2009
Advanced B - Rally
Judge: Pat Alvarez

RAB1201 Scotswood Kabuki RN CDX
AKC REG NO. DL780827 9/26/1998
QUALIFY Breeder: Patricia Cook
80.0 Sire: Nap
Dam: Belle
Owner: Carol Arquette
Border Collie (Bitch)
RAB1601 CH Meadowoods Indian Summer CD RN
2nd Place AKC REG NO. SN85994011 8/31/2001
QUALIFY Breeder: Sylvia Holderman
98.0 Sire: Ch. Redlion's Western Wishes RN
Dam: Ch. Meadowoods Spring Fling CDX RN
Owner: Sylvia Holderman
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Bitch)
RAB1602 Timberline Northwood Twilight UDX TDX RE
3rd Place AKC REG NO. SN61105508 1/20/1999
QUALIFY Breeder: Lauretta E. Shrode
95.0 Sire: CH Wildwoods Through The Fire
Dam: Timberline Wild Rose
Owner: Deborah Best & Lauretta E. Shrode
Golden Retriever (Dog)
RAB1603 O'Duinnin Celebration Ale RE PT NAJ NF
AKC REG NO. DN08287002 9/11/2004
Absent Breeder: Eileen Dinneen
Sire: CH MACH2 O'Duinnin HMT A Bud For Boo
Dam: O'Duinnin Oh Darlin' Desiree MX MXJ
Owner: Libby Myers-Buhite & Jack Buhite
Bearded Collie (Bitch)
RAB1604 Ashleigh of the Coastline RN
AKC REG NO. DN12954006 12/3/2005
QUALIFY Breeder: Ellen Myers
87.0 Sire: Rebel Jesed
Dam: CH Surfer Girl of the Coastline
Owner: Maureen & Gerald Lambert
Briard (Bitch)
RAB1605 CH Cygneture Barkat Hot Pursuit JH RE
AKC REG NO. SN61224708 1/18/1999
QUALIFY Breeder: Barbara Quast & Barbara Witzke
88.0 Sire: CH Cygnetures Hot T' Trot CDX
Dam: CH Cygnetures Hi Hope O'Barkat CD
Owner: Barbara Quast & Barbara Witzke
Pointer (Dog)
RAB1610 Graphic Avalanche II
AKC REG NO. PR04507415 3/29/2004
QUALIFY Breeder: Florence Graham & Darcie Jackson & Diana Childs
88.0 Sire: Graphic Prophecy
Dam: Graphic Candlelight
Owner: Patricia Colombe
Poodle - Standard (Dog)
RNA-01 Restora Giuseppe Verdi Nobreza AX MXJ OF
4th Place AKC REG NO. WS12665402 1/12/2005
QUALIFY Breeder: Kathryn Monroe
95.0 Sire: CH De Leao's Amadeus of Kimlyn
Dam: CH Tanaki Grace Note O Helms Alee
Owner: Leslie Holt
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-06 CH Winterset Hy-Verta Spice Of Life CD AX AXJ NF
1st Place AKC REG NO. DL84873504 9/15/2000
QUALIFY Breeder: Susan Ferroni-Keleher & Pamela A Strametz
99.0 Sire: CH Denali's Concede Nothing
Dam: Winterset Upon Wings Of Angels
Owner: Pamela Strametz & Susan Ferroni-Keleher
Shetland Sheepdog (Bitch)