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TechTalk - Field-to-Lab - Vibration from Dale Root on Vimeo.
We know that vertical vibration testing is a simplification of real world conditions. For most situations it has served us well over the years and provides the answers we need. But the real world moves in 3 dimensions - and now your tests can too.

TruMotion at Atlantic Packaging from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Atlantic Packaging in Charlotte, NC - with the Lansmont TruMotion system in operation. There's a lot of science behind all of this - but sometimes you just have to see to believe it.

TP4 Quick Start from Dale Root on Vimeo.
TP4 Quick Start Unbox, install the software, connect the cables, run the software and select the hardware. You're ready to acquire data.

SAVER AT - Introduction from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Saver AT - the monitoring grade instrument with over the air realtime waveform reporting. The new instrument includes GPS, Cellular Communication, Light Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Temperature & RH sensors, Atmospheric Pressure sensor, and internal Triaxial Accelerometer with selectable ranges. Internal rechargeable batteries provide standalone field operation - or it can be powered from an external source for long term embedded asset monitoring applications.

Company Line from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Folks talking about a small company they work for and love...
Put together for the companies 40th anniversary. Shot in about 2 1/2 hours.