CNC Router

DIY CNC Dust Shoe
A simple DIY Dust Boot for the Probotix Asteroid. Features a clear dust curtain for good sight lines and Neodymium magnets for easy change overs. Easy to make.

CNC Dust Skirt Shootout
A simple visual comparison that explores various types of dust shoe skirts and brushes. And the winner is...

CNC Dust Shoe - the Brush
A quick tour of the Dust Shoe Brush configuration used in the CNC Dust Skirt Shootout video.

CNC Dust Shoe - Dewalt DWP 611 Router - VCarve Pro Design Files
The Dust Shoe is designed for the Dewalt DWP 611 Router in VCarve Pro using 2D Profile and Pocket cut paths.  The material is 0.75" stock - we used oak - but it could be MDF or any hardwood.  The 3 parts are a Main Frame that mounts to the Router, a Button Lever to facilitate pressing the spindle lock button on the router, and the Brush Carrier plenum.  Each part requires a machining pass on both the top and bottom (2-sided machining). 

You'll need:
 1/4 inch bolt and lock nut to attach the Button Lever and act as the Pivot
 1/4 inch Clamping Bolt and Star Knob or Nut  to provide clamping force on the Router and VAC Inlet fitting
 8 neodymium magnets to hold the Brush Carrier to the Main Frame - available from Harbor Freight
 Brush Material - Length and Material of your choice

 Eventually I settled upon this Conveyor Brush from
Flexible PVC-Back Nylon Conveyor Strip Brush Style 9, 3" Overall Height, 0.012" Bristle Diameter, 3' Long 7372T5


Below are preview images of the machine paths on the Top and Bottom of each part.

Dust Shoe - Main Frame - Top
CNC Dust Shoe - Top

Dust Shoe - Main Frame - Bottom
CNC Dust Shoe - Bottom

Dust Shoe - Button Lever - Top
CNC Dust Shoe - Top

Dust Shoe - Button Lever - Bottom
CNC Dust Shoe - Bottom

Dust Shoe - Brush Carrier - Top
CNC Dust Shoe - Top

Dust Shoe - Brush Carrier - Bottom
CNC Dust Shoe - Bottom