Whelping Box
Luxury Birthing Suite and Nursery

This is whelping box was designed and built from melanin and Oak (of course).  The melanin is easy to keep clean and very inexpensive.  The Oak is used for the door trim, corner connectors, and the removable pigging rail.  It looks expensive, but it really only cost about $40 in material.  When disassembled, it stores flat in the thickness of the four side panels.

The Door section is removable.

This whelping box is about 4ft x 4ft, just right for golden size activities.

The sides are held in place with the Oak corner connectors at top and bottom. 

The corner connecters are the trickiest part of the build.  They have precision dados that align the sides, and locating pegs that hold everything together.

The removable pigging rail is also made from Oak and stands on 4 short legs.  The sides are joined with mortise and tenon joints, and the legs are joined with pegs.  No glue was used in the joints so they can easily be disassembled and stored flat.

It really works!