Once Around...

Often times - we look around a dog show and wonder about the great people - and the back story that brings us all together.
This is a small project to produce a series of videos with interesting folks from around the dog world.

Once Around... with Sharon Anderson from Dale Root on Vimeo.

In the world of AKC Agility - you can think of Sharon Anderson as the architect for the dog sport we all love today. She is quick to point out that this was not the work of a single person and in her words "it took a village"! She gratefully acknowledges the host of volunteers, advisory committees, clubs, and tremendously dedicated supporters - that in the beginning were all pivotal to getting the program off the ground. But let's be clear - Sharon is responsible for creating "the situation" - that allowed AKC to develop their wildly successful Agility program.

With her ability to see the bigger picture, willingness to accept change, and tireless work with wide-ranging groups of people - the sport of AKC Agility has continuously evolved. She recently reflected with a smile and a twinkle - that when folks run their dogs in Agility - whether they qualify or not - "they still come out happy and looking forward to running again."

Sharon was also an early advocate for the inclusion of mixed-breed dogs at AKC Performance and Companion events. She has imprinted an enduring legacy upon AKC and the sport of Agility.

Sharon served with the American Kennel Club for 14 years before retiring in 2008, and in 2010 was honored with the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award.

Once Around... with Pat Trotter from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Explore the wonderful world of dogs - with Patricia Trotter.

Pat is the legendary breeder of Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds and if you're serious about breeding great dogs - then listen up! Pat shares her thoughts on starting from a plain Jane to create classic producers of great value to a breed. As a lifetime student - she literally wrote the book on the subject "Born to Win - Breed to Succeed". Listen along as Pat shares stories from her personal history as a teacher, author, owner handler, mentor, and judge.

The stuff of myth and legend - and she's the real deal.

Once Around... with Dorothy Macdonald from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Explore the wonderful world of dogs - with Dorothy Macdonald.

Dorothy likes people, likes their dogs, and likes to talk - and this is SERIOUS FUN!

"I think if you know something - it's important that you pass it on - and if you don't know it - it's time you learned it."

As a recipient of AKC's Lifetime Achievement Award - and having served as a faculty member for the AKC Judges Institute, AKC Gazette columnist, past president of the Dog Show Judges Association of America, and winner of Dog Woman of the Year - when Dorothy has something to say - you'll want to make it a point to listen.

"By god that dog has the look that goes through every muscle in his body - and if you see him looking that way with his tail - and his nose - and his feet - you put him up."

Words to live by - from Brittany legend Dorothy Macdonald.

Once Around... with Vicky Cook from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Explore the wonderful world of dogs - with Vicky Cook.

If you've shown dogs on the Pacific Coast - then you've probably had your picture take by Warren & Vicky Cook of MyDogPhoto.com. They are in a unique position to hear all sides of the story - from the Judges, Handlers, and exhibitors - and Vicky stops by to share! Listen along as Vicky Cook shares stories from her personal and working life.

Once Around... with Joe Tacker from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Explore the wonderful world of dogs - with Joe Tacker.

Listen along with AKC All Breed judge Joe Tacker as he shares stories from his personal history as a musician, Naval Aviator, commercial pilot, and the world of dogs. You'll recognize his voice right away from the televised Westminster Kennel Club show where he served as the color commentator for many years.

Once Around... with Pluis Davern from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Explore the wonderful world of dogs - with Pluis Davern.

Pluis Davern has produced 142 FEMA certified Search Dogs over a long career, listen along as she shares her multi-faceted experience. Learn why the Sussex Spaniel makes her heart sing with stories, history, and a passion for tomorrow.