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TP4 - Dynamic - Shock from Dale Root on Vimeo.
TP4 shock focused measurement with amazing RapidFire Acquire testing through-put. Capture everything and quickly communicate results with Report Builder and Summary Selection tools.
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Measurement Man S1E4 from Dale Root on Vimeo.
What happens when you can't go to work - and you still feel the need to measure something?
Watch Measurement Man get creative- in today's episode he embraces his inner race car driver - exploring the cornering grip of his garden tractor.

TechTalk - Field-to-Lab - Vibration from Dale Root on Vimeo.
We know that vertical vibration testing is a simplification of real world conditions. For most situations it has served us well over the years and provides the answers we need. But the real world moves in 3 dimensions - and now your tests can too.

Lansmont - TruMotion - Load Stability - Field-to-Lab from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Field-to-Lab - real world field conditions reproduced in the lab. Characterize your unit load stability with actual transport conditions. Make it happen with Field-to-Lab.

TP4 Quick Start from Dale Root on Vimeo.
TP4 Quick Start Unbox, install the software, connect the cables, run the software and select the hardware. You're ready to acquire data.

TP4 - Strain from Dale Root on Vimeo.
TP4 now does Strain
The new bridge signal conditioning is a great addition for interfacing with Strain Gauges, Load Cells and DC Accelerometers. One Click measurement for synchronized acceleration and strain data displayed in a single view.

Just Right - Demands Knowledge from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Eric Joneson of Lansmont describes the knowledge required to balance protection requirements with sustainability goals in an ever changing world.

Lansmont Service - Customer Commitment from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Peter describes the service commitment we make to customers and their equipment, and our investment in their future.

Data Physics 901 - Vibration Controller from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Is your vibration control system considered a "museum piece"?
We've come up with a way to help - Tell us about your "vintage" system and you could win a new "fully loaded" Data Physics 901 Series Controller!

See the Data Physics - "Oldest Digital Vibration Controller Contest" rules for complete details.
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Company Line from Dale Root on Vimeo.
Folks talking about a small company they work for and love...
Put together for the companies 40th anniversary. Shot in about 2 1/2 hours.